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When a bug comes into direct contact with rubbing alcohol, the solution may dry up its outer casing and insides, including eggs. For alcohol to be truly affective, you would need Bed Bug Removal London to spray every single bed bug — a nearly impossible feat, thanks to their ability to spread quickly and hide well. Filling your home with alcoholic fumes is also dangerous.


Resistance to pesticides has increased significantly in recent decades. The carbamate insecticide propoxur is highly toxic to bed bugs, but it has potential toxicity to children exposed to it, and the US Environmental Protection Agency has been reluctant to approve it for indoor use. Boric acid, occasionally applied as a safe indoor insecticide, is not effective against bed bugs because they do not groom. The average person calls their local pest control specialist when they have bed bugs.

This percentage has since fallen, which is believed to be partly due to the use of DDT to kill cockroaches. The invention of the vacuum cleaner and simplification of furniture design may have also played a role in the decrease. Others believe it might simply be the cyclical nature of the organism. Once established, bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of.

If you encounter them, there’s a decent chance they’re coming home with you. According to Lewis, the growing prevalence of bedbugs is partly because a lack of awareness. “The time was when people regularly aired bedding, and that was partly to do with guarding against pests. Now when people find bedbugs, there’s a shame, a stigma around it.”This year’s annual Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver, Colorado, heard that the eradication industry could be worth $1bn within five years. Bedbugs – flat, rust-coloured parasites about 5mm long – were common in the UK 100 years ago, but their numbers were greatly reduced by the use of insecticides such as DDT. Now, the bugs have developed resistance to chemical treatments, making the eradication harder.

Eliminating bed bugs from the home is often difficult, partly because bed bugs can survive up to 70 days without feeding. These treatments may include heating the room to 50 °C (122 °F) for more than 90 minutes, frequent vacuuming, washing clothing at high temperatures, and the use of various pesticides. Though professional pest control is probably the most effective route to bed bug extermination, you can help keep an infestation at bay with non-toxic and chemical-free treatments.

5. Lethal Temperature (LTemp)

Lethal time estimates for 50 and 99% mortality of bed bugs exposed to temperatures below the lethal temperature of 48.3 °C for adults and 54.8 °C for eggs. The Formula ‘P’ Power Fogger is a bed bug killing fumigating device and an integral part of any bed bug control treatment. Designed as a safer and cleaner alternative to smoke bombs, this bed bug killer product is perfect for activation in rooms infested by bed bugs.

For LTemp, mortality was first observed at 40 °C and reached 100% mortality at 50 and 55 °C . The LTemp50,99 between fed and unfed adults was not significantly different, so the data were combined . For adults, the LTemp50,99 was 43.5 °C and 48.3 °C, respectively . Eggs had a higher LTemp50,99 of 47.5 °C and 54.8 °C, respectively . Extreme pesticide use in response to Cimex lectularius and Blattella germanica infestations, September 25–29, 2016. Some researchers have evaluated the use of tactics that reduce human pesticide exposure risk.

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