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NasGas offers some of the best quality and reasonable air coolers that are also energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Air cooler circulate fresh air – Air conditioners cool the air inside your room and once your is room hot it cools the same air again, whereas air coolers use fresh outside air, cool it and direct it inside the room. To calculate the power consumption of your air cooler you will need to know the rated power of your air cooler. The new Aerostyle range of air coolers form Usha are the perfect blend of style and performance.

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The result is a constant flow of fresh, moisturized, cool air while stale air is circulated out of the room through an open window or door. Evaporative air coolers are rated according to the amount of air-flow that they can generate. This is why they are actually grouped according to air flow per minute. The total quantity of air that a cooler unit can pump per unit time can be measured in either CFM , CMM , or CMH . The key to choosing your ideal evaporative cooler is choosing one with the right rating for your space. Therefore, you need to first calculate the CMH(m3/h) requirement of your cooler if you are seeking to know the right number of coolers to buy for your space.

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Evaporative air conditioning is also popular and well-suited to the southern part of Australia. In dry, arid climates, the installation and operating cost of an evaporative cooler can be much lower than that of refrigerative air conditioning, often by 80% or so. However, evaporative cooling and vapor-compression air conditioning are sometimes used in combination to yield optimal cooling results. Some evaporative coolers may also serve as humidifiers in the heating season.

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In dry climates, this may improve comfort and decrease static electricity problems. Use a rule of thumb which estimates that the wet bulb temperature is approximately equal to the ambient temperature, minus one third of the difference between the ambient temperature and the dew point. With a 40-liter tank capacity, this air cooler serves the best in smaller spaces. 冷風機香港 -4500 Plus is energy-efficient and environment-friendly with a unique design. They are capable of spreading air equally inside the room as they are much bigger. Moreover, these air coolers are the best when it comes to saving floor space.

Traditionally, evaporative cooler pads consist of excelsior inside a containment net, but more modern materials, such as some plastics and melamine paper, are entering use as cooler-pad media. Modern rigid media, commonly 8″ or 12″ thick, adds more moisture, and thus cools air more than typically much thinner aspen media. The M-Cycle is not limited to cooling systems and can be applied to various technologies from Stirling engines to Atmospheric water generators. For cooling applications it can be used in both cross flow and counterflow configurations. Counterflow was found to obtain lower temperatures more suitable for home cooling, but cross flow was found to have a higher coefficient of performance , and is therefore better for large industrial installations. Air coolers are noisy – The fan in the air coolers makes noise which might be disturbing for some people, however in my view it will be easily ignored once a gush of fresh cool air hits your body.

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Blue synthetic pads do not absorb and hold water efficiently like aspen pads. Aspen pads lose efficiency with time because of the buildup of water and minerals absorbed. •Aspen pads tend to give off an aspen woodsy odor through the vents. A slim form factor leaves plenty of space for an optional fan and helps the T120 slip into numerous builds without blocking RAM or GPU slots. We’ve designed our quotation process to be simple and straightforward. Simply go to our “request a quote” page and fill out the short web form, like Product Name , Product Description.

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